Joint Replacement is Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Life with joint pain is not easy. Your damaged joints cause severe pain. Stiffness and swelling in the joints may also be experienced in damaged joints. If the damaged bones and pain cannot be treated by medicine there is a need of joint replacement to give relief to patient and enabling him to move freely.

COVID-19 is widely spread disease now. Its rate of infection is very high. People are anxious during COVID-19 pandemic. They are thinking to postpone their orthopedic surgeries or other surgeries. Because there are highest chances to catch the infection from the hospital. But patients need to understand that their delay can make the problem untreatable and they can pay for it for the rest of the life. Ortho conditions are can be the worst if do not get proper treatment.

Expert says all emergency surgeries should not be delayed at any cost. Even in the middle of a pandemic, you can't make it worst by delaying surgery. Usually people consider Orthopedic care/ surgery is not essential. Orthopaedic surgeries are also elective or essential surgeries. If you have pain that's preventing you from doing your job, sleeping or carrying out other daily activities, consider checking in with a medical professional. It is a suggestion that don’t postpone your joint replacement surgery. Your doctor may recommend you only if it is much required for you.

Dr. Atul Rastogi says the COVID-19 pandemic has drastic consequences on the orthopedic patients. Don’t let your joint pain causes you trouble with running, walking, or sleeping. Hospitals are following all safety measures during COVID-19. Before surgery you must have to go through a COVID-19 test and it should be negative. Orthopedic Doctor in Meerut says that for the surgery of the orthopedic patients must follow the guidelines. Best orthopedic Clinic in Meerut also adopted all the corona safety measures.