As we all know that with increasing age, the risk of many diseases increases with a person. They include Knee related problems such as knee pain. This can be quite stressful when it is not resolved in time. Knee Replacement surgery, which is done when a person is very upset with knee pain and the condition, becomes so bad. The problem of knee pain is spreading very fast, which is seen in men as well as women. Arthritis in the knees can sometimes lead to disability. As the knees begin to unmoveable, it becomes difficult to walk, move, sit, and even get up from bed. In such a situation, knee replacement is available as an option. Knee replacement can relieve all kinds of knee pain.

After the operation, you should keep these things in mind –

• Don’t Work very heavy, climb the stairs quickly or lift heavy objects.

• Keep your weight under control.

• Do not sit on your knees.

• Avoid sitting on a very low chair and the ground.

• Consult your doctor before starting any new exercise. Avoid doing exercises like jogging aerobics.

• Avoiding any kind of infection after this operation one should do the activities very carefully and should not do any activity that affects his knees.

• After this surgery, the person should follow the physiotherapy prescribed by the doctor until the doctor declares him to be fully healthy.

• Staying in contact with the doctor after this operation.

• After one or two days of operation, it should not be wet until the wound dries up.

• After the operation eating, iron-rich food helps to recover.

• Make a little improvement in your life. Eat less ghee, sugar, greasiness, and eat a balanced diet.

• Keep a sufficient amount of calcium in food, eat greens and vegetables.

Dr. Atul Rastogi Joint specialist doctor in Meerut says it is prudent to treat it in time so that no person has to go through physical torture as well as mental torture. You should contact the doctor for Knee Replacement Surgery in Meerut. He says ‘which implant is suitable for the patient depends on the age of the patient, to what level his / her knees are defective and what kind of tasks are involved in the routine of the patient and their level’. From four to six weeks after surgery, the patient can gradually adopt his or her regular routine.